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Top 10 Bali Honeymoon Ideas

Top 10 Bali Honeymoon Ideas - Many people come does their honeymoon in Bali and to no surprise as the place is full of facilities for pampering and romance while still holds the charm of novelty and history. Also most notably is the beautiful beaches, sea, rice terraces and mountain views. It is no wonder that many come here together in a pair to be delighted in all senses as they start their journey of life together.

As wedding is probably the only big thing in your mind or you are still fresh from it but both of you do not want to take up any of those Bali honeymoon package, you are in the right place as there are many romantic things to do in Bali.

Here are some honeymoon ideas for you to serve both of your delights:

1. Frolic in the beach

Top 10 Bali Honeymoon Ideas
frolic in the beach

Back to relaxing, go to many of the beautiful beaches of Bali and just frolic together under the sun. Choose from the top 10 best Bali beach or if you want more privacy, you need to venture further out to secret beaches like Nyang Nyang beach in Bali, though harder to get to, the privacy is worth it especially for honeymooners!

2. Cruise the crystal sea of Bali

Top 10 Bali Honeymoon Ideas
Cruise in crystal sea

Touristy as it sounds, a cruise is still quite ideal for a honeymoon activity. Imagining sailing out into crystal clear sea with clear blue sky while visiting some remote islands, have a beautiful sunset dinner on the cruise before heading back home in the dark cuddling together while enjoying the starlit sky above.

3. Enjoy romantic dinners together

Top 10 Bali Honeymoon Ideas
Romantic dinner

There are many romantic dinner ideas to choose from in Bali, from eating under moonlight by the beach to candlelight dinner in restaurants beside a pond and uncovered beautiful starlit sky. Few of the choices are the Jimbaran seafood dinner by the seaside or the SeaSalt restaurant dinner set by the floating lotus pond.

4. Balinese Massage and Spa

Top 10 Bali Honeymoon Ideas
massage and spa

Pamper yourself and your spouse with the best of Balinese massage to loosen up yourself and dissolve any stress. Then continue with an indulgence of 1-hour spa treatment to smoothen the whole experience. There are many choices of aromatics to choose from to enhance this entire indulging experience. You can be sure that both of you would be in the best mood after the entire honeymoon.

5. Explore Bali on a bicycle

Top 10 Bali Honeymoon Ideas
explore on a bicycle

Another activity to enjoy together is to take a leisure bicycle ride out to explore Bali. Take the ride through quiet villages of Bongkasa or the rice fields, plantations and small village roads. Or just throw out the map and get lost together, it will be a good partnership bonding to explore together and let serendipity takes place.

6. Soak in natural hot springs

Top 10 Bali Honeymoon Ideas
natural hot springs in bali

Indulge yourself once again by soaking in the Banjar hot spring. The picturesque setting here offers two main pool of gushing warm sulphur water from the mouths of dragon (local call it Naga) in the middle of a lush tropical garden. Your spouse and you will be transported back in time and feels like King and Queen that are enjoying their afternoon bath.

7. Invoke senses at Coffee Plantation

coffe plantation, Bali pulina

Time to invoke your other senses by going to the Agra coffee plantation to do some coffee tasting. This zen-like place is for you to sit back and slowly appreciate your cup of coffee together while overlooking coffee plantations that roll out as far as the eye can see. You can also see the process of how the famous and expensive Kopi Luwak are made and even the civet cats themselves. If both of you enjoys good coffee, this would be a plus to appreciate it together.

8. Trekking the rice terraces

Top 10 Bali Honeymoon Ideas
trekking terraces

Besides all the indulgence, both of you can set out to do some light trekking together through the rice fields, villages and plantation towards Tirta Gangga to enjoy the dramatic view. Tirta Gangga means water of Ganges and is a sacred water palace built back in early 20th century. This light yet interesting trek offers rolling hills of rice terraces, dramatic limestones as backdrop and water features cutting through the scene.

9. Cook delicious Balinese food for each other

Top 10 Bali Honeymoon Ideas
cook traditional balinese

Take up one of the many cooking lessons in Bali and make each other authentic Balinese food. Some cooking class will have you visiting traditional food market to learn of the ingredients before learning how to cook them. After that, you can sit down and find out who among you two is best to do the cooking for the rest of your lives.

10. Enjoy some of Bali’s tourist attractions

Top 10 Bali Honeymoon Ideas
Bali Indonesia

There are many tourist attractions in Bali and after all both of you are here for a holiday, it would not be truly complete without visiting some of the important sites. We have a list of Top 10 Resorts in Bali for you to choose from and you can both decide which ones that you may be interested in. If you all are into temples, we also have a list of Top 10 Bali’s Best Temples. Enjoy some sightseeing before leaving Bali!

As you can see you do not need to take up Bali honeymoon packages just for ultimate happily ever after experience. Most important of all is just the two of you enjoying together, it would be fun also to customize it together and enjoy a free and easy honeymoon that leaves a lot of room for romance and serendipity. Here’s to an unforgettable Bali honeymoon with the ideas above.

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Top 10 Best Bali Beach

Top 10 Best Bali Beach
Top 10 Best Bali Beach - Bali, the most well-known travel place in Indonesia, has one of the best beaches in the world. Many come to Bali maybe for the culture, the arts, the temples, diving, surfing or even the food, but one thing for sure it is also for the beaches. Travelers visit Bali for its long stretches of white sand beach, the crystal clear sea for swimming, strong waves for surfing and volcanic black sands for sunbathing.

There are many types of beach in Bali, from those with big rocks created by corals or lava to those covered wholly with white or black sand. So depending what you look to do at the beach, there are a number of beaches for you to choose from. Whether you are a swimmer or not and if you are with kids, you may well choose from these beautiful beaches below. Look out for the high tide when swimming.

Here are a few of the top Bali Beach that you could visit :

1. Nusa Dua Beach

Top 10 Best Bali Beach
Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua beach is located on the south-east side of Bali. It is a beautiful golden sandy beach with clear blue sea and a cool breeze. Nearby are wild mangroves, fragrant trees, exotic orchids and tall palm trees swaying to the wind. It is a much peaceful, quieter and cleaner beach compared to Kuta. The currents here are not strong and the waves are small, making it a great beach for swimming and kids. The water is also clear and good for snorkeling. Surfers can catch waves at the north and south ends of the beach. This area has many world-class hotels and up-market shops. The beach is famous for its scenic beauty. 

2. Kuta Beach

Top 10 Best Bali Beach
Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is located on the western coast of Bali above the isthmus and is just a short distance away from the island’s Ngurah Rai International Airport. It is a white sandy beach most popular among the tourists. The waves coming in from the Indian Ocean crash on the shore in symmetrical waves making the beach a surfers’ delight. Of course, when high waves roll in, it might not make it too good for swimming so it is important to stick between the surf lifesaving flags so you can be watched by life guards. If you don’t feel like heading to the water, you can enjoy strolling along the beach. The Kuta beach is always crowded with tourists. It is the most happening beach in Bali and has an exciting night life too, with entertaining night beach parties held by the beach clubs and other restaurants.

3. Nyang Nyang Beach

Top 10 Best Bali Beach
Nyang nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang is another small hidden beach in Bali located on the south-west coast of the Bukit peninsula to the east of the Uluwatu temple. It is a white sandy beach that gets a lot of swell making it perfect for surfing. To get there, you have to follow a winding rocky dirt trail leading from the Uluwatu main road till you reach the end of the cliff. From there, you have to climb down about 550 slippery mossy steps to get to the beach, quite a difficult proposition if you have kids with you. But once you get there, it is simply marvelous. Since the Nyang Nyang beach is on the southernmost end of Bali, the rips can be strong, so better be careful. You can swim here when the tide is low. The beach is deserted with almost no tourists and no refreshment/drinks stalls, umbrellas down at the beach either. There are a lot of mosquitoes hidden in the vegetation and taking a mosquito repellent with you is advisable. The trip however is well worth it as your sense of adventure sets in.

4. Lovina Beach

Top 10 Best Bali Beach
Lovina Dolphin Beach

Lovina beach is located on the northern coast of Bali island. The sand here is black, made of the cooled volcano lava. This beach is quiet with very few tourists coming this way. The sea here is calm and good for swimming. Another specialty of the beach is the dolphins that come here in the mornings. At sunrise, it is fun to swim with the dolphins or hire a boat to watch dolphins playing in the water. Lovina beach is famous for its natural underwater beauty with colorful fish, sea creatures and beautiful coral reef, making it ideal for snorkeling. There are some hot volcanic water springs nearby.

5. Sanur Beach

Top 10 Best Bali Beach
Sanur Beach

Sanur beach is located on the eastern side of Bali above the isthmus. It is a peaceful and quiet beach, the exact opposite of Kuta. Sanur is one of the earliest beach resorts in Bali and has a local flavor and feeling. Although there has been a lot of development here, it still retains its fishing village charm which attracts many visitors. The beach has a long stretch of golden sand and a clear sea with low waves. The water is good for swimming and the beach is great for walking. You can sometimes come across star fish while walking. There are small corals and also sea-shells if you want to collect them. You can see some amazing photogenic sunrises from here since the beach is on the eastern side of the island. The area has several hotels, retreats and an assortment of restaurants, bars and shops.

6. Balangan Beach

Top 10 Best Bali Beach
Balangan Beach

Balangan beach is located on the west coast of the Bukit peninsula north of the New Kuta beach. The beach lies across the green landscape of Uluwatu and on the way you can see the local side of Bali with small villages, village folk going about their work and cattle grazing in the fields. Balangan is a small, quiet and isolated beach away from the tourist crowds. It is about half a kilometer stretch of white sand bordered by cliffs and you have to climb down a few steps to access it. It is a great beach for surfing with strong ocean currents and high waves, but it is not suitable for swimming. In low tide you can stroll along the beach with waves lapping at your feet. You get a grand view of the sunset from here. There are several beach shacks serving up refreshments and drinks.

7. Dream beach in Nusa Lembongan

Top 10 Best Bali Beach
Dream Beach

Nusa Lembongan is a small island about 12 km south-east of Bali and has become a popular destination in recent times. The island is a peaceful place away from the hustle-bustle of South Bali, there are no hawkers and no traffic. The island has several sandy bays, clear aqua blue water, big rocks and plenty of green vegetation providing some magnificent scenery. The island is less developed compared to the nearby Bali and you can spend a relaxed time exploring its natural beauty. It is a good island for surfing, diving and snorkeling. The Dream beach is located on the south coast of the island and has a white sandy beach with a row of palms and shrubs. You can reach Nusa Lembongan by boat from Sanur port or Benoa harbor.

8. Padang-Padang Beach

Top 10 Best Bali Beach
Padang-Padang Beach

The Padang-Padang beach is a beautiful beach located on the western side of the Bukit peninsula, north of the Uluwatu temple. It is a small but stunning beach accessible by a flight of steep steps through a narrow passage in the rocks. You can have a good swim during high tide but be careful of sea urchins and sharp corals. During good weather you can surf too. This beach is surrounded by big rocks and trees with monkeys. There are small caves among the rocks that you can explore.  The beach gained fame after being featured in Julia Roberts’ movie “Eat, Pray, Love” resulting in increased number of visitors, but still retains its old charm. 

9. Bias Tugel Beach

Top 10 Best Bali Beach
Bias Tugel Beach

This beach is also known as Pantai Kecil or Little Beach by the locals, or White Sand Beach by the tourists. It is located south-west from the Padang Bai ferry terminal and can be reached by following a rocky trail of about 500 meters up the hill. But once you reach it, you get a magnificent view of the dazzling white stretch of sand, sparkling crystal clear water and tall coconut trees. Very few tourists come here because of the beach’s hidden location. The beach is good for swimming but not for beginners because the currents can be strong at times. In that case, you can play around in the water or relax on the beach in peace and privacy.

10. Geger Beach

Top 10 Best Bali Beach
Geger Beach

Geger is a glorious white sandy beach located on the eastern coast of Nua Dusa area, to the south of Mengiat beach. The sea here has calm blue waters good for swimming, although the sea may get a little rough by the evenings. The beach is also good for strolling due to its hard-packed sand. At the southern end is the temple “Pura Geger” and sometimes you can see the seaweed farmers working nearby. The beach has many cafes along its side and is famous for Sunday morning brunches particularly among the expats and their families. 

These are just a few of the many beautiful beaches Bali is famous for. The beaches can be visited in any season, all the year round, but the best season is usually from April to September. You can choose any of the open palm-fringed beaches, secluded cliff-hidden beaches, glittering white sandy beaches or black volcanic sand beaches. As you can see Bali is filled with beautiful beaches from people filled and full of energy beach to quiet, secluded or hidden beaches. You will also find beaches from white to black sands and sea serene for swimming to strong waves for surfing. Check out the above best of Bali Beach as recommended by many travelers or do you know a good beach that we did not mention? Which is your personal favourite beach in Bali?

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Top 10 Resorts in Bali

Top 10 Resorts in Bali 

Top 10 Resorts in Bali - Some people say that Bali is overrated, too touristy and not worth to visit while some say it is one of the best experience in their travels. I guess it all depends on how you would enjoy Bali. Not only that it is popular in its own right, with post eat, pray, love, is there still the Bali that started it all?

Regardless, as time has passed, and places may have grown, Bali is still what it is, somewhat but not quite. If you can look past the many tourists especially during the peak season and enjoy instead the many attractions dotted around specifically catered for tourists, you might just fall in love with Bali.

Bali deserves the attention it is getting still, and our top 10 Resorts in Bali list is enough to show why you should still travel to Bali.

1. Party at Kuta Beach

Top 10 Resorts in Bali
Party at Kuta Beach

Kuta  is the most popular beach in Bali, which means you can be sure to find the life and party scene here in Kuta Beach. Head here if you are looking to socialize, party and have a good time. You can be sure to find a range of places for different atmosphere and budget, ranging from Hard Rock cafe to your neighborhood cafe and pub.

2. Pura Tanah Lot

Top 10 Resorts in Bali
Tanah Lot

Another majestic rock formation lays as a foundation of a popular pilgrimage temple, known as Pura Tanah Lot. It is most popular for its serenity and cultural significance as it is associated with the Balinese mythology as one of the seven temples that form a ring in the southwest of Bali. A travel tip is to visit the place during the low tide so that you can “walk across the water” to the temple for the full experience.

3. Uluwatu Temple

Top 10 Resorts in Bali
Uluwatu Temple

Imagine a large rugged limestone cliff with a temple perched on it, almost like a scene from cliffhanger, to add to it’s dramatic grandeur. Uluwatu Temple, a truly must visit in Bali, is also known as Pura Luhur. It is situated in the island commonly known as Bukit Peninsula, which houses Bali few best beaches like Balangan and many good surfing spots. The temple is itself a majestic structure, constructed and expanded many times since in the 11th Century. It is perched at the steep cliff of 70 meters above the Indian ocean. If you go on even higher grounds nearby, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of either side and sunset over uluwatu temple itself.

4. Ubud

Top 10 Resorts in Bali
Ubud, Bali

Yes, despite that one might be trying to escape the “eat, pray, love” trail, Ubud is one place you cannot miss in your visit. It is still the heart of Bali, where all the action is and all the people and energy are focused on. Ubud is packed and condensed with the best of Bali, ranging from nature, culture and people, temples, museums, rolling rice/paddy fields and man-made gardens and parks. You may take an interesting bike tour around here or take up cooking, adventure activities like whitewater rafting and other outdoor activities, relax with yoga and meditation or have some pampering sessions of spa and massage, also enjoy the arts and theatres and not to forget the shopping. Just so you see, Ubud has a little bit of everything for almost everyone.

5. Hike/Climb Mount Batur at Kintamani

Top 10 Resorts in Bali
Hike Mount Batur

Up in a highland in East of Bali, there lies Mount Batur caldera in Kintamani. A climb to the summit (1700 meters) of this active volcano is a great experience for any active travelers. Many would do the sunrise hike for an ultimate experience, starting from as early as 4 am to reach in time for the 6 am sunrise. This hike is relatively easy and the treks are quite well marked. From the peak of the mountain, there are views in all direction to sweep you off your feet, not literally of course.

6. Private beach at Nusa Dua Beach

Top 10 Resorts in Bali
Private Beach at Nusa Dua

If you have a bit more of a budget to spare, splurge at Nusa Dua beach, where it is dotted with higher end hotels and resorts. You will be rewarded with private pristine beaches for you to slowly soak in the sun and the sea. Nusa Dua is also ideal for honeymooners or people looking out for a private and relaxing getaway.

7. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan 

Top 10 Resorts in Bali
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is another must visit temple in Bali, where unlike the rest perching on the cliff rock, this one is serenely resting at the edge of Lake Bratan. Imagine beautifully structured temple with double the beauty due to its reflection on the clear lake.

8. Ayana bar on rocks

Top 10 Resorts in Bali
Ayana Rock Bar

We had two temples on the cliff, and now we get to drink off a bar perched on yet another cliff at ayana bar resort in Bali. This bar is known as the best bar in Bali, having a long line of people daily trying to get in and have a drink or two with some bites (which is surprisingly good) while overlooking the sea crashing into the rocks below. Think about drinking, chilling and also dancing atop a cliff with the roaring sea stretching behind you to infinity while you watch white water crashed onto the side of the wall creating a spectacular natural show. If you decide which is the one bar you must go to in Bali, Ayana bar on the rocks is the place. You may get special access to the bar as a guest of ayana resort and spa or RIMBA jimbaran by ayana.

9. Dolphin sightings at Lovina

Top 10 Resorts in Bali
Dolphin at Lovina

Lovina is one of the best place in Bali to make dolphin sighting boat trip. You will leave the beach at dawn to seek for the dolphins, though yes it may be quite crowded with other tourists trying to do the same especially during peak season, it is still well worth it when you find a school of dolphins happily jumping by. Lovina itself also offers many other attractions, activities and even boasts some backpacker scenes where you can chill out in cafes with live music.

10. Coffee plantation at Bali Pulina Agro Tourism

Top 10 Resorts in Bali
Bali Pulina

An almost zen place for you to sit back and really appreciate your cup of coffee while overlooking the coffee plantation as far as the eye can see. Here you are served with various coffee and tea for tasting. You can also see the process of how the famous and expensive Kopi Luwak are made and even the civet cats themselves. If you are a coffee lover, do come check this place out for the ultimate coffee experience.

So you have it, ten reasons to visit Bali and Resorts in Bali are just the highlights. Now you know the reason behind Bali’s popularity, so maybe people can just be right sometimes. Come over with an open heart and open arms, a huge ounce of patience and tolerance for the crowd, close an eye to all the touristy things glaring at you and just enjoy yourself here. If all else fail, you can always jump on the next available fast boat and escape to gili island, lombok or its rival lombok island !

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Where to Stay in Bali ?

Where To Stay In Bali ?

Where to stay in bali ?
Bali Indonesia

Where To Stay In Bali ? On planning your first ever trip to Bali, your first critical challenge is choosing where to stay and which beach is best for you. Making the wrong choice could ruin your holiday. Even though Bali is a small island, its different beaches and areas offer their own set of features. What one lacks in dynamic nightlife it might make up for in quiet and laidback settings, and so forth. It's worth going through some of the highs and lows of each of Bali's most popular areas before deciding which hotel to book. If you're planning your first visit to Bali, or just curious about which hotel, location and highlights is the best fit for you, here's a quick guide showing you the main features of Bali's most popular areas :

1. Seminyak

where to stay in bali ?
Seminyak Bali

Best known for its beautiful and fairly quiet sunset beaches, Seminyak is Bali’s upmarket beach resort area, where luxury five-star resorts, secluded villas, world-class beach clubs and hip sunset venues line the coastline and main streets. Most of the island’s best restaurants are found in this area, and most happen to be on a single popular dining street known as Jalan Laksmana or Kayu Aya. Another street, Jalan Dhyana Pura or Camplung Tanduk, is known as the gay-friendliest, with fun bars set virtually side-by-side. It’s also a shopping paradise with many designer boutiques and brand shops around.

This place is perfect for Moderately wealthier travellers, People who prefer a not so crowded beach, and People who like a good but not hectic nightlife scene. Besides that, you should know there are good things and less good from this place.
  • a. What's Good in Seminyak :  Many upmarket dining and nightlife options and Wide range of hotels and villa resorts.
  • b. What's not good in seminyak : Traffic jams common during the high season (roughly June to December) andThings are spaced out so walking is often required 

2. Ubud

where to stay in bali ?
Ubud, Bali

The main destination in Bali’s central highlands, Ubud is a small town that offers an alternative to the tropical beach scene. More cultured and closer to the island’s classical artists’ villages, the area also features verdant river valleys and rice terraced landscapes. A collection of five-star retreats make the most of this, some offering magnificent spas and wellness programs to suit. World-class and fine dining restaurants are adjacent casual cafes; royal palaces, heritage museums and art galleries are nearby fashion boutiques, yet the nightlife scene is mainly low-key. 

This place is perfect for People who prefer green valleys to the beach and People who like arts, culture and historical places Honeymooners. Beside that you should know there are good things and not good from this place. 
  • What's Good in Ubud : Nature scenes, with green valleys, rice fields Arts and culture rich Royal palaces, temples, galleries and museums
  • What's not good in Ubud : : Narrow streets with detours; congestions are commonplace.

3. Kuta 

where to stay in bali ?
Kuta Beach

Bali’s most famous beach; Kuta was once a fishing village that turned into a surfing mecca. Today, in addition to the great surf, it is also one of the island’s major nightlife areas, and offers something for all visitors. A favorite for budget travelers, there’s countless restaurants, bars, a big mall, the largest waterpark in Southeast Asia, and a wide variety of hotels to suit any budget. Being close to the airport, only 10 minutes’ drive north, adds to the convenience. 

This Place is perfect for Low to medium budget travellers Surfers, people who like being close to the beach Clubbers, and people who prefer an assorted dining scene. Beside that, you should know there are good things and not good from this place.
  • What's Good in Kuta : Wide range of hotel prices Plenty of dining and nightlife options 
  • What's not good in Kuta : Traffic congestion common during the high season; venues are spread out widely.

4. Legian 

where to stay in bali ?
Legian, Bali

Sandwiched right between Seminyak and Kuta, Legian offers a mix of these two famous beach resort areas. Cheap beachfront hotels present quiet spaces to relax, while out on the main streets are among Bali’s most famous bars and venues which draw young travelers and partygoers. It comprises an eclectic mix of restaurants and bars. There are fewer crowds in some parts of Legian Beach compared to Kuta, and its close proximity makes a great choice for those wanting to experience both areas. 

This place is perfect for Budget to moderately wealthy travellers and people who prefer to stay near a beach that is quieter than Kuta Partygoers, shoppers and people who prefer a great food scene. Beside that, you should there are good things and not good from the place.
  • What's good in Legian : Eclectic mix of dining and nightlife options Lesser crowd than Kuta 
  • What's not so good in Legian : Maze-like streets with dominantly one-way traffic make navigating a bit of a hassle.

5. Jimbaran

where to stay in bali ?
Jimbaran Bali

Jimbaran Bay is one of the most beautiful places to be for sunsets in Bali. Most of the hotels here are international chains and five-star resorts. Dining options follow suit, with great fine restaurants within. One of the main local seafood dining destinations here is the famous cluster of seafood cafes and restaurants on Muaya Beach, simply known as ‘Jimbaran Seafood Cafes’. Shopping and nightlife remain low-key, while some resorts, especially those on the rocky limestone cliff south of Jimbaran, feature spectacular sunset cocktail venues. 

This place is perfect for Wealthy travellers, honeymooners People who prefer a stay with coastal views, and direct beachfront access and People who prefer great seafood dining options. Beside that, you should there are good things and not good from this place.
  • What's Good in Jimbaran : Good selection of luxury beachfront hotels Panoramic bay and popular sunset seafood dining 
  • What's not so good in Jimbaran : Remote and widely spaced; not for those wishing to explore far outside their resort very often.

6. Nusa Dua

where to stay in bali ?
Ayodya, Nusa Dua

Bali’s most exclusive beachfront resort enclave; virtually all hotels in Nusa Dua are international five-star resorts. These line the gorgeous white sand southeastern coast, which is very well-maintained by BTDC, a state-owned corporation. The same goes for the meticulously landscaped flower and water gardens and paved walking paths just outside the resorts. A 24-hour tourist police force patrols the environs. Quality dining options are within respective hotels; nightlife is mostly contained within hotels and are mostly of the refined bar scene, while shopping is focused at the central grand complex known as the Bali Collection. 

This place is perfect for Wealthy travellers, families and honeymooners, People looking for direct beachfront access, and people who prefer a whole resort experience during their stay, without much exploration outside of their hotels. Besides that, you should know there are good things and not good from this place.
  • What's Good in Nusa Dua : Secure and secluded complex of luxury hotels and Almost all hotels provide direct beachfront access 
  • What's not so good in Nusa Dua : Self-contained and remote location, with a slight sense of disconnection to the local culture.

7. Sanur

where to stay in bali ?
Sanir Beach

As Bali’s first tourism resort area, Sanur is famous for being mostly slow-paced and laidback. This quiet sunrise beach offers a relaxing coastal atmosphere, much the antithesis of the youthful and livelier Kuta and Legian on the other side of the island. Here you will find some of Bali’s legendary hotels, perfect for honeymooners and elders looking for a classical Bali setting, and those looking for a place where they can take things slow, hence the longer stays. A multitude of restaurants line the main streets of Jalan Danau Tamblingan, as do a myriad of local art shops and boutiques. 

This place is perfect for Moderately wealthy travellers, honeymooners and retirees People who prefer direct beachfront access People who prefer less action and more relaxation. Besides that, you should there are good things and not good from this place.
  • What's good in Sanur : Quiet and very laidback beach resort feel Wide range of dining and shopping options
  • What's not good in Sanur : Not much variety in terms of nightlife

8. Tanjung Benoa

where to stay in bali ?
seawalking, Tanjung Benoa

The haven for marine water sports in Bali; Tanjung Benoa is the exciting peninsula to go to if you’re in for some parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boat riding and many others. The hotels here are mostly of the boutique resort type and come as quite a mix. Dining spots are abundant along its main Jalan Pratama road, while nightlife and partying is not quite the feature here. Several stores, boutiques and local art markets offer some great shopping. 

This place is perfect for Moderately wealthy travellers couples and honeymooners People who prefer direct beachfront access People wanting marine water sports action as part of their stay. Besides that, you should there are good things and not good from this place.
  • What's good in Tanjung Benoa : Eastern coast full of marine water sports action Great mix of dining options along Jalan Pratama 
  • What's not good in Tanjung Benoa : Slightly remote location and a lack of nightlife options.

9. Candidasa

where to stay in bali ?
At Candidasa, Bali

The main destination in East Bali, Candidasa offers a quiet coastal escape away from the crowds. Although it lacks sandy beaches, the vast blue sea panoramas with calm waves make up and serve as perfect backdrop. Numerous hotels dot the area, from the hills to the low-lying coastal areas, and come in a variety of accommodation features, from budget sea view bungalows to full-fledged five star resorts. Great dining spots abound, while bars and cafes offer a rather low-key nightlife scene. Candidasa is the great starting point to explore the exotic east, from major temples, ancient Balinese villages and the world-class dive sites of Amed and Tulamben. 

This Place is perfect for Medium budget to wealthy travellers, couples and honeymooners People looking to escape the common crowdsof the south Divers, sightseers and people interested in heritage Balinese arts and culture. Besides that you should know there are good things and not good from this place. 
  • What's good in Candidasa : Far away from the crowds, and great base for exploring East Bali Wide range of hotel prices 
  • What's not good in Candidasa : Remotely located, venues widely spaced and attractions far-flung

10. Denpasar

where to stay in bali ?
Museum at Denpasar

For a closer sense of connection to Balinese town life, Denpasar as Bali’s provincial capital offers visitors one of the most local and non-touristy experiences. Accommodation options come as either new modern budget style city hotels that are fit for business travelers, or legendary hotels that carry historical significance and offer a sense of nostalgia, much like the characteristics of the classical hotels in Sanur. Denpasar is centrally located, convenient for exploring the other resort areas of southern Bali. 

This place is perfect for Budget to midrange budget travellers, backpackers People who like a sense of culture and nostalgia Business travellers. Besides that, you should know there are good things and not good from this place.
  • What's good in Denpasar : Plenty of cheap, city-hotel options Endless local shopping and dining options 
  • What's not good in Denpasar : Hectic traffic; non-pedestrian-friendly paths, and sparsely located attractions 

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